Tely 200 Video Conferencing Endpoint


As a recent entrant to the video conferencing endpoint market, Tely has strategically targeted the underserved huddle meeting spaces segment with a highly cost-effective and easy-to-use endpoint.

Because huddle rooms often lack a tailored infrastructure, they need a lean, easy-to-install video setup that does not require system integrators. Tely tapped into this opportunity with its Tely 200 product, a plug-and-play endpoint with in-built HD camera, support for optional USB device and integrated dual microphones. 

• Integrated 1080p camera designed for huddle space field of view
• Horizontal: 76 degrees
• Vertical: 47 degrees
• 4x digital zoom
• Dual or single display implementation
• Content sharing via HDMI or WiFi
• Two integrated microphones
• Full duplex audio and acoustic echo cancelation
• No computer required.

Read more about the Tely 200 on the manufacturer’s site.

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