Intelix HDMI/VGA Auto-Switching Wallplate

Smarter than your average outlet.

Intelix ASW-WP Auto-Switching Wallplate with HDBaseT Output

Intelix ASW-WP Auto-Switching Wallplate with HDBaseT Output

The Intelix ASW-WP is a two-gang wall plate designed to be the primary PC interface for classrooms, boardrooms, and conference centers. It converts VGA + Audio to HDMI and has an HDMI input.

The ASW-WP can be powered from the rear panel, or by Power over HDBaseT (PoH). It has built-in surge protection and diagnostic LEDs for robust installations.

The ASW Wallplate also features a customizable power management system, which will put the unit into a low power state after no video for 30 minutes or being inactive for 3 hours.

Read more about HDMI/VGA Auto-Switching Wallplate with HDBaseT Output on the manufacturer’s site.

  • HDMI (including audio) and VGA/3.5mm Stereo input
  • HDBaseT output – 60m Max Distance
  • Automatically switches input to active video
  • RS232, Auto, and Dry Contact Closure for control of device
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) or 5VDC local power (not included)
  • Display Control Software to control TV or projector with RS232 commands – automatically turns display on/off
  • Customizable power management system when not in use
  • Includes White faceplate kit