Contemporary Research – modulators, encoders, tuners, control

Contemporary Research

Founded by Scott Hetzler in 1994, Contemporary Research Corporation designs and manufactures intelligent, yet simple solutions for system integration that set the standard for the AV industry.

Originate. QMOD-HD HDTV Modulators allow sites to create an in-house HDTV cable system over existing RF. QMOD purpose-built modulators convert HD satellite/cable receivers, digital signage players, and live HD-SDI video to an HD open-access digital cable channel.

Distribute. Introducing the QCA series of RF combiners, Contemporary Research sets new benchmarks for signal integrity, performance, and system design.

Integrate. Contemporary Research Display Express systems can manage hundreds of displays, across a facility or a multi-building campus. No new wiring is needed, and easy-to-use software and rock-solid performance make for a system that is affordable, easy to install, and agile to expand. Contemporary Research analog and HDTV tuners have been trusted partners in custom control systems across the globe for 15 years.

Tune. Contemporary Research commercial-grade HDTV tuners and broadband systems keep a site’s HD media on the screen and on the job in meeting rooms, classrooms, hallways, lobbies, sanctuaries, command and control suites, and living rooms.

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