OmniWall Display Processor

Comes in two sizes: 16 or 32 inputs/outputs

OmniWall 16/32 Display Processor

The OmniWall™ Display Processor meets the need for flexible wall sized video displays in applications ranging from digital signage to command centers, control rooms, and other mission critical venues.

It’s a new kind of video wall solution which accommodates wall arrays of virtually any configuration. High-resolution graphics and video sources up to 4K (UltraHD) resolution can be displayed at full resolution. Multiple walls can be managed from the same video wall processor. An image can be scaled across any number of video displays.

A user simply defines the video wall configuration, window layouts, and source routing. The OmniWall display processor automatically sends the proper scaling information – including bezel compensation – to each output. Multiple layouts and routings can be saved and recalled using presets.

This video wall solution is available in two chassis sizes. The OmniWall 16 display processor has up to 16 inputs and 16 outputs – ideal for 2×2, 3×3, or 3×4 screen arrays, or linear configurations from 1×16 to 16×1. For larger video walls, the OmniWall 32 offers up to 32 inputs and 32 outputs. To control even larger video walls, multiple chassis can be connected in parallel.

Multiple control options provide users with a wide range of functionality. Remote control (RS-232 and TCP/IP) allows quick and easy setup, configuration, and preset recall. An embedded Web Control Panel can be accessed through a web browser by virtually any computer. Setup and configuration is a snap. Users can perform many functions, like saving and recalling presets, with the click of a button. RGB Spectrum’s BP-16 button panel or a phone/tablet device can also be used to recall presets.

OmniWall Video Wall Controller

OmniWall Video Wall Controller

The optional OmniWall Controller is a video wall controller that is simple to operate and offers a range of user-friendly features:

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