BluVanti Audio Conferencing Interface


BluVanti™ is a commercial grade Bluetooth device that provides professional cell phone conferencing. BluVanti™ acts as an interface to room audio systems, allowing integration of multiple microphones and room loudspeakers.

BluVanti allows for a single connection at a time. Once connected, users can place/receive a call on their cellphone and can choose to broadcast the call to/from the room audio system by pressing “headset” on the cell phone, similar to connecting to an automobile’s Bluetooth system. Audio levels can be increased/decreased or muted using the connected cellphone’s volume buttons. When broadcasting the call is no longer desired, pressing “headset” again turns off the broadcast.
BluVanti is not limited to cellphones. Any Bluetooth-enabled device will work, including tablets, laptops, etc., integrating room audio systems such as Skype and Google Hangouts. BluVanti™ can also be used as an interface to play audio from the connected device (i.e. streaming music).

Recommended applications include boardrooms, classrooms, conference rooms, huddle spaces, and training rooms.

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